Bringing safe meals with peace of
mind to your table so that we would
like to make keeping on your smile

Feed is the source of life that supports
Japan's livestock industry and connects
it to the future

We, JFMA, will continuing to do
contribution for the sustainable production
and supply of high-quality feed & livestock products

As an organization of compound feed manufacturers, we will continue to contribute to the production and supply of sustainable livestock products that everyone will enjoy.

Our history and

Japan Feed Manufacturers Association (JFMA) was established in 1957 as a cooperative to contribute to the development of Japanese feed and livestock industry with the following missions.

  • 1. Industry Representation and Collaboration

    As representatives of feed manufacturers and related companies, we collaborate with the government and the relevant domestic organizations to protect the industry's interests and promote its development. We also collaborate with the international organizations to exchange information and monitor regulatory trends.

  • 2. Establishment of Standards and Regulations

    We take part in the establishment of quality standards, safety standards, and regulations for feed. We develop standards and regulations for feed with safety and environmental consideration and promote compliance across the industry.

  • 3. Information Provision and Awareness Campaigns

    We provide information and carry out awareness campaigns regarding the feed industry. We provide member companies with information on regulatory and legislative changes, market trends, technological innovations, and work on to enhance industry awareness and competitiveness.

  • 4. Problem Solving and Consultation

    We collaborate with member companies and relevant organizations to seek solutions to issues and challenges the feed industry faces. We also serve as a consultation point for member companies and the general public.